Good Citizens Case Study

Sunglasses made in Sydney, which are made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled, plastic bottles.

Company:  Good Citizens

Polymer:  marPET® PCR PET – recycled food grade PET plastic. The plastic is recycled from 600mL single use bottles.

More Information:

Good Citizens Sunglasses process

Photo Credit: Good Citizens

What is the waste reduction from this product in percentage terms?

This product reduces waste by using 100 per cent recycled plastic. The packaging is also made from 100 per cent recycled cardboard, and the felt case is 100 per cent recycled outer, inner and string . The frames themselves can also be recycled.

What product does this alternative replace?

This product replaces traditional sunglasses. Sunglasses are typically made from a combination of virgin materials which are also difficult to recycle. These glasses have reimagined the typical metal hinge, allowing it to now also be made from recycled plastic.

How much plastic does this product save?

This product is saving single use plastic bottles from landfill by repurposing them into a new product. Good Citizens states that one bottle is equal to one pair of sunglasses.

What statistics are available to demonstrate its environmental impact?

Good Citizens supports ocean clean-ups, with every purchase of sunglasses accounting for one kilogram of plastic waste being drawn out of the ocean.

Good Citizens calculates that, so far, it has supported the process of removing the equivalent of 54,080 plastic bottles, 1,352 kilograms in total.

If applicable, what percentage of the product is made from recycled materials?

100 per cent.

Good Citizens Sunglasses process

Photo Credit: Good Citizens

How does the product meet UN Sustainability Development Goals?

Good Citizens focuses on five of the UN’s 2030 goals:

    • SDG 8  Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
    • SDG 9  Industry, innovation & infrastructure
    • SDG 12  Responsible consumption and production
    • SDG 14  Life below water
    • SDG 15  Life on land

In particular, Good Citizens responds to Sustainable Development Goal 12 by reusing plastic and giving it a new life. In doing so, Good Citizens promotes a circular economy in which plastic is not wasted.

Good Citizens has also spoken at the 2020 Global Compact conference in regard to its commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

How does Good Citizens provide consumers with information about its product’s sustainability?

The Good Citizens website clearly provides consumers with information, with separate sections dedicated to the glasses production and their purpose.

The packaging of the glasses themselves also clearly focuses on the mission of the brand, as the cardboard packaging is labelled “Untrashing our planet, one pair of sunnies at a time”.

What independent verification have the environmental claims of Good Citizen products been certified to?

For more information, please visit Good Citizens.