The Australian Packaging Covenant

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) is Australia's commitment to smart packaging, less waste and a cleaner environment.

Chemistry Australia supports APCO and is a foundation signatory to the first Covenant in 1995. Chemistry Australia and its signatory members are committed to the sustainable management, use and recovery of packaging and the APCO 2025 targets.

The Covenant was developed in response to calls from the community and government for companies to take more responsibility for the environmental impact of packaging. Rather than legislation which may have had a negative impact on businesses, the Covenant allows companies to use their strengths, expertise and knowledge in partnership with all levels of government and the community to create sustainable improvement. The Covenant is an important example of co-regulation to support voluntary cooperation between industry and government and ensure that eligible companies play their part and don't free-ride.

Plastic packaging is a particularly energy and material efficient method of preserving, transporting, storing, preparing and serving food and has contributed to a wide variety of packaging types to meet the increasing demands of modern, safe living. Trays, bags, tubs, bottles, films and seals extend the shelf life and prevent tampering of our food.