Sustainability is a key driver for 3M and its global reach

The global, science-based company has recently released its 2020 Sustainability Report, reflecting its core purpose of growing 3M’s business by collaborating to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

The report outlines 3M’s vision for a sustainable future, alongside its key commitments and achievements, including its use of recycled materials in its products.

A central focus for 3M has been to embed sustainability in every new product it brings to market.

3M launches hundreds of new products each year, spanning nearly every industry. Beginning in 2019, each 3M product entering the new product commercialisation process included a Sustainability Value Commitment that demonstrates how it impacts the company’s sustainable goals.

3M’s close working relationship with its supply chain partners aims to source raw materials purchased from sustainable and or recycled resources.

Examples of 3M’s Sustainability Value Commitment for new products include reusability, recyclability, energy savings, waste reduction, water savings, responsible sourcing, and the use of renewable materials appropriate to the specific product, from the beginning to the end of each product’s life cycle.

3M packaging materials are reviewed annually and importantly PVC is being phased out and replaced by PET or recycled paperboard all contributing to the reduction of waste to the litter stream.

3M Australia is a member of Chemistry Australia’s initiative, Plastics Stewardship Australia.  

Plastics Stewardship Australia continues to work with communities, industry and government to develop solutions for the complex challenges associated with managing Australia’s waste.

3M Australia is also a long-standing member of the Australian Packaging Covenant as well as being a member of the Close the Loop (Previously Planet Ark) organization.

Refer to 3M Sustainability goals and policies for more information.