About Plastics Stewardship Australia

Plastics Stewardship Australia is an initiative of Chemistry Australia, which represents plastics raw material producers, importers, distributors, processors and manufacturers, compounders, recyclers and research organisations.

Plastic is a versatile, cost-efficient, lightweight and hygienic material, which inspires countless innovations that help make life better, healthier and safer every day.

For example, plastics make possible bicycle helmets and child safety seats. They’re in the mobile phones that connect us and the critical medical products that protect us from illness and prevent the spread of disease. Plastics also help insulate our homes and buildings, deliver clean water supplies to our towns and cities and keep the food we eat fresher for longer, allowing us to reduce food wastage and cut greenhouse gases.

Our members are proud to manufacture materials that can help us to do more with less and contribute to a more efficient use of resources. These are just some of the ways plastics are helping to create a better planet and a safer world.

Source: American Chemistry Council